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NY Metropolitan Chapter, American Society of Interior Designers
Volume 1 Issue 1, Spring 1993

As Editor, I receive many inquiries from both designers and suppliers to print respective articles for the membership. In this issue, for the first time, I am pleased to report on the work of one of our IF members, Barbara Barron, of Barbara Barron Designs, Inc.

Barbara is one of a small group of exceptionally talented fiber artists who produce fiber wallhangings and Barbara's work is very special. Barbara and her son and daughter create exciting, textured sculptures by employing original techniques wherein fine threads of silk, cotton, metallic yarns and other materials are wrapped by machine (think of sewing thread on a bobbin). The Barrons also produce tapestries executed on a Navajo-type loom.

Primarily, the work is contemporary in design and form and a visual delight of color, form and texture. Barron Designs has executed designs and has worked with many leading designers throughout the country. Commissions have been made for AT&T, Fuji Film, actor Burt Reynolds, Pratt & Whitney Corp., Kimberly Clark Corp., and Trump Plaza (Palm Beach, FL) among many clients. Barron Designs have been highlighted at galleries and have been shown at Lever House, the Heckscher Museum and at Art Expo.

The work is not inexpensive as it starts at $65-$300 square foot and is all custom.

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