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We have been designing custom artwork for nearly 30 years. From traditional to contemporary, we can create that special conversation piece you are looking for. Our artwork is very unique. This style fibre art, developed by Barbara Barron in the 1980's, has brought Barron Designs r international acclaim. With art pieces gracing the homes of Burt Reynolds, Ezer Weitzman, (former President of Israel) and a multitude of corporations nationwide, Barron Designs has created a dynamic new trend in fibre art.

Each wall hanging is custom designed and carefully made by our artisans. The pieces that we originate are not a reflection of us but a reflection of you and the environment you want to create. Through photos and swatches, we will design something unique to match the feeling of your own room. We have many classic styles that people select time and time again. We also can create something one of a kind.

We use only the finest quality yarns and threads from the clothing manufacturers. There are so many different styles to choose from. We offer textured yarns to add richness and elegance. We use shiny threads for your cool sleek room setting. We can add a touch of eye-catching metallic gold, silver or copper to add a bit of sparkle.

Please contact us to receive a free sampling of our materials.